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Knitting the Almanac - Norwegian May Mittens

Stranding Along Note:  I thought I published this on Friday 27 May 2016.  Rather than backdating, I'm just posting it now...Apologies :) I must say, I have never done so much stranded knitting at once in my life.  It started with the March sweater (still on the needles, sadly), then I designed the Left Stranded hat, then a no-pattern stranded yoke sweater, now these mittens.  While I'm not opposed to stranded colorwork (clearly), I think I've had enough of it for a while.  Unfortunately, Mr. Mouse is after me to show some progress on that March sweater, so I don't think it's had enough of me. EZ calls for the mittens to be started with either an i-cord edging or...

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New(ish) Pattern - Left Stranded Hat

Did I really not blog about this? You'll have to forgive my tardiness with this post.  I am still learning to strike a balance between Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc...and sometimes I forget to mention things in all the pertinent places.  This hat pattern is certainly one of those. Designed swiftly and on a whim, it takes you quickly from stranded colorwork newbie to ready-for-anything.  While there are not specific instructions for stranded colorwork included in the pattern, this small, low-risk project does give you the opportunity to try everything you might encounter in a more complicated pattern.  Two skeins of Araucanía Huasco Worsted will easily make two hats, so quit waiting and cast on! If you don't know how...

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