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Knitting the Almanac - Norwegian May Mittens

Stranding Along Note:  I thought I published this on Friday 27 May 2016.  Rather than backdating, I'm just posting it now...Apologies :) I must say, I have never done so much stranded knitting at once in my life.  It started with the March sweater (still on the needles, sadly), then I designed the Left Stranded hat, then a no-pattern stranded yoke sweater, now these mittens.  While I'm not opposed to stranded colorwork (clearly), I think I've had enough of it for a while.  Unfortunately, Mr. Mouse is after me to show some progress on that March sweater, so I don't think it's had enough of me. EZ calls for the mittens to be started with either an i-cord edging or...

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Knitting the Almanac - Mitered Mittens

Mother, May I Miter? These mitered mittens are way fun.  I've made a couple of pairs before because they're fairly mindless to crank away on, and you don't have to decide where you want the thumb until the bitter end.  Thus, it was with joy in my heart that I found 100g of stash yarn and cast on these mittens.  What you must understand is that I have a sizeable stash.  This should come as a surprise to no one, and yet, allow me to take you down a bit of a tangent. I have a very good friend who has recently taken up knitting.  She does not have much if any stash because she has way more self-control than...

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