New(ish) Pattern - Left Stranded Hat

Did I really not blog about this?

You'll have to forgive my tardiness with this post.  I am still learning to strike a balance between Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc...and sometimes I forget to mention things in all the pertinent places.  This hat pattern is certainly one of those.

Designed swiftly and on a whim, it takes you quickly from stranded colorwork newbie to ready-for-anything.  While there are not specific instructions for stranded colorwork included in the pattern, this small, low-risk project does give you the opportunity to try everything you might encounter in a more complicated pattern.  Two skeins of Araucanía Huasco Worsted will easily make two hats, so quit waiting and cast on!

If you don't know how to do stranded knitting, I strongly recommend learning to hold one yarn in each hand.  In my opinion it is the simplest way to manage the yarns.  It has the added benefit of helping you learn to knit in the opposite style of your usual knitting.  That is to say, if you typically knit English, two-handed knitting will help you learn to knit Continental, and if you typically knit Continental, you will have the opportunity to learn English.  I learned from a video on the Philosopher's Wool Co. website, which is still posted, but unfortunately has not aged very well.  There are many videos on YouTube which demonstrate the necessary techniques.  I like this one on catching long floats because it is concise and clear.

Many thanks to my beautiful model, Kyla, for lending me the use of her head for the afternoon!

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