About Us

Skein Shop is a small business with big dreams.  It is our goal to fulfill all your knitting and crochet needs.

Here's a brief history of who we are and how we got to be here...

Sasha learned to crochet when she was six and knit when she was seven.  Thus began a lifelong obsession with the fiber arts.  Fast forward several years to college when she met a geeky juggler who just happened to be amazing with computers.  David encouraged her to start dyeing her own sock yarn with a focus on man-friendly colors - a blatant bid to get more hand knit socks for himself.  What began as a hobby quickly turned into a local hit, and in 2012 Dashing Mouse Designs yarns and patterns were launched.

Along the way, Sasha and David started selling some of Sasha's favorite yarns and knitting needles to complement their own yarns and patterns.  Between Sasha's knowledge of the products and David's ability to work computer magic, this aspect of the business grew and evolved until in early 2015 it completely eclipsed the original dyeing and design enterprise.

It was decided that to honor both endeavors, a complete restructuring was in order, the result of which is Skein Shop!  Never fear, this does not mean that the dyeing and designing is over - quite the contrary.  Dashing Mouse Designs lives on under the Skein Shop umbrella.  All the Dashing Mouse yarns you know and love are still available, still hand-dyed in Sasha's kitchen, and still packed and shipped straight out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Sasha has taken on the role of Artistic Director, which means that she will have more time to work on quality designs than ever before.  The Skein Shop team, under Sasha's careful guidance, will deliver beautiful yarns, high-quality tools, and excellent customer service.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, please email info@skeinshop.com or call us at (513) 463-3274.