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Knitting the Almanac - February Baby Longies

Race to the Finish I really thought I was not going to get these done in time.  I cast on 27 February, and if it hadn't been a leap year, I would not have finished within the prescribed month. I was using up scraps of my hand-dyed sport weight from the baby sweater and a couple of woven scarves I had  made as Christmas gifts.  When I ran out of hand-dyed scraps, I decided to use up some 6-ply sock yarn I had languishing in the stash.  To be honest, if I were making these for someone in particular I would have used matching yarn or at least attempted to make the stripes look purposeful.  As it stood, I was...

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Knitting the Almanac - February Square Shawl

In Which I Make a 45" Square Swatch With the doldrums of the double knit blanket behind me, I launched into the square shawl.  I think this is really EZ's way of getting you to knit a second blanket without calling it that, because I have a hard time imagining what else a baby would do with a 40"+ square of knitted lace.  I heeded our author's suggestion to have a lace pattern picked out so that the ever-increasing square would not get too monotonous - I had had enough monotony for one month, thank you! Enter my all-time favorite, most referred-to, most baffling, stitch dictionary!  The Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary:  900 Stitches and Patterns!  I inherited this treasure from my...

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Dashing Mouse Designs in the News!

Cincinnati Famous, Y'all! You'll have to excuse this rather boastful post.  Mr. Mouse insists that I share some of the press Dashing Mouse Designs has been getting recently.  I am profoundly uncomfortable with tooting my own horn, but here goes. So you may recall that this whole endeavor began with a little yarn dyeing operation in my kitchen (by the way, had a massive dyeing day yesterday, lots of photos on my Instagram account if you're curious).  Honestly the fact that people liked/bought/used my yarn at all surprised me quite a bit at first because, true to form, I had have a massive case of imposter syndrome.  However, people do seem to like it and buy it and use it....

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