Dashing Mouse Designs in the News!

Cincinnati Famous, Y'all!

You'll have to excuse this rather boastful post.  Mr. Mouse insists that I share some of the press Dashing Mouse Designs has been getting recently.  I am profoundly uncomfortable with tooting my own horn, but here goes.

So you may recall that this whole endeavor began with a little yarn dyeing operation in my kitchen (by the way, had a massive dyeing day yesterday, lots of photos on my Instagram account if you're curious).  Honestly the fact that people liked/bought/used my yarn at all surprised me quite a bit at first because, true to form, I had have a massive case of imposter syndrome.  However, people do seem to like it and buy it and use it.  Here's a picture of the first thing I saw made by someone else out of my yarn...thanks, Sarah, for being the best Superfan that there ever could be!

Sarah and her beautiful shawl

I was surprised and flattered when a writer for Cincinnati Magazine called me last summer to do a piece on my hand-dyed yarn.  We had a delightful chat at a local coffee shop, and several agonizing months later, the article was published.  Here's a screenshot of the gorgeous photo...you should definitely click through the see it in all its glory and read the words and give Cincinnati Magazine the clicks so they know that it was worth writing about me :)  Yes, run-on sentence is run-on...

Dashing Mouse Designs in Cincinnati Magazine

AND NOW...just today...I got a text from a friend saying "Congrats on Best of Cincinnati" (a big deal thing run by the awesome CityBeat), to which I made my confused face because I was not on the Best of Cincinnati ballot.  Turns out, I got a staff pick as "Best Local Yarn Provider", along with a really sweet write up!  Here's a teaser screenshot to prove that it's real, but you should click through and read it all!

CityBeat teaser

So, to sum up, apparently I'm pretty cool and Cincinnati publications are figuring it out ;)

Thank you so much for reading all of this nonsense, and a huge thank you to Cincinnati Magazine and CityBeat for making this local girl feel special!

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