Knitting the Almanac - February Baby Longies

Race to the Finish

I really thought I was not going to get these done in time.  I cast on 27 February, and if it hadn't been a leap year, I would not have finished within the prescribed month.

I was using up scraps of my hand-dyed sport weight from the baby sweater and a couple of woven scarves I had  made as Christmas gifts.  When I ran out of hand-dyed scraps, I decided to use up some 6-ply sock yarn I had languishing in the stash.  To be honest, if I were making these for someone in particular I would have used matching yarn or at least attempted to make the stripes look purposeful.  As it stood, I was only interested in rocketing through the stitches as fast as humanly possible.  I don't think these look bad, but I'm not convinced that they look good.  I guess they'd be good for every-day, get-them-dirty warmth.

Baby Leggings!

I really enjoyed the knitting.  The construction was logical and elegant, and something about churning along on those little legs was really relaxing.  The one thing I'm unsure about is the bootee feet.  I think the concept is brilliant.  Babies are always kicking their socks off, and these wouldn't have that problem.  However, I knit the feet as written, and they look enormous to me.  I know some babies have fat feet, but goodness!  That said, again, had I been making them for a particular baby, I could have simply popped the mostly-knit longies on to check some of my sizing questions and adjusted accordingly.

I must admit to being kind of unreasonably excited to make an adult-sized pair later in the year!  Everyone I've mentioned it to thinks that makes me a little bit nutty, but I'll wear that badge with pride.  If I'm a crazy knitter, I may as well embrace it!

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