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Pattern Recommendations/Ravelry Tutorial

How to Find Patterns for a Particular Yarn So you've just discovered that the Schulana is on sale, and you want to get some.  But what do you make with it?  We have a few suggestions, and at the same time we'll show you how to use some of Ravelry's pattern-finding features.  For today, we'll be focusing on Merino Cotton 135. Step 1:  Navigate to the yarn page. At the top of every screen in Ravelry, there are tabs across the top.  One of them is for yarn.  Clicking on that tab takes you to this page, where you can type in the name of the yarn you want to learn about in the search box. Step 2:  Select the...

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Technique Tutorial - Judy's Magic Cast On Beyond Sock Toes

A Provisional Cast On for Many Purposes! Judy's Magic Cast On, first published in Knitty's Spring 2006 issue, was presented as a new way to start toe-up socks.  The beauty of this cast on, compared to other methods of beginning toe-up socks, was that it neatly and evenly put stitches on both needles while forming a perfect row of purl bumps on the back of the work.  If you do not already know how to execute Judy's Magic Cast On, the photo tutorial on Knitty is, of course, an excellent resource, as is Cat Bordhi's demonstration video where she shows how to eliminate the problem of half the stitches being mounted backwards on the needle. However, this fabulous cast on is...

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