Community Project - Seasons Blanket

Thank you to Rebecca D. for sending in these photos!  She'll be receiving a coupon for 10% off because she got some of the yarn from us.  If you would like to have your project featured (and get a coupon in gratitude), please read this post for all the juicy details.

Rebecca is working on a blanket made from Ella Rae Seasons.  It's a great choice for a blanket because it's warm and washable!

She says:  Thanks for the speedy delivery of my Seasons!  Now I can finish my blanket!

Rebecca's Blanket

This looks like corner-to-corner crochet (C2C).  C2C is a fun technique that is great for showing off color-changing yarn like you see here.  It can also be used to create neat, "pixel art" style pieces.  Here's an article on Craftsy about the basic technique, and here's a piece with photos and a video tutorial on how to make pictures, or "graphghans".

It's looking great, Rebecca!  Oh, and thanks for sending us a closer view of that adorable sheep pillow :)

Sheep Pillow

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