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Welcome! We're so glad you're here :)

Skein Shop Community is where we'll be posting projects, tutorials, giveaways, and sharing photos of your finished objects.  We want to make this a space where fiber artists of all persuasions can come to interact, find inspiration, and share information.

So how do you get featured, you ask?  Excellent question!  Simply email a photo (or two, or three) to community@skeinshop.com (please note that if you use a web-based email like yahoo or gmail, you should just copy and paste the address into a new message).  Include a few short paragraphs about your project - what is it?  who is it for?  what was fun about the project?  what was tricky?  what would you change if you did it again?  Also please give us a link to your blog or website or ravelry page if you'd like people to be able to find you there.  We do ask that the project use yarn or tools that we carry in the shop, although you do not have to have purchased them from us.  We'll reply within a week to let you know if your submission is going to be featured.  Unfortunately, we just can't show them all!

If your project is posted to the blog, we will send you a coupon for a discount on your next Skein Shop purchase!  You'll get 5% off for just having your project featured, and you can get 10% off if you used supplies purchased from Skein Shop.

Feel free to enter as many times as you like, but do know that we will try to feature different people to allow as many community members as possible to participate.

The fine print:  Coupons are not transferrable.  Skein Shop employees are not eligible for rewards for being featured on the blog.  We reserve the right to alter the rules at any time.  Any such changes will be announced on this blog, and this post will be updated.

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  • laura

    Hi- I’m relatively new to weaving (almost a year now!) and I am somewhat intimidated by big websites like ravelry, etc, so I was delighted to see your invitation to send you a note, or story, and picture of a project or two we have done. Being new, and self-taught, I have made some hilarious mistakes, ones I suspect only fiber arts folks might appreciate- but have no one to laugh with me – like the first time I tried a handbag weave-a-long, made a beautiful handbag , and in my excitement, I finished it by sewing the woven section to the inside, and the lining somehow ended up on the outside, with handles undetectable somewhere in between-did I feel silly!! In any case-thank you for providing a forum in which we might share glorious moments (and secret strategies!) about our “one of a kind” creations!! Best, Laura

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