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Sleying the Dragon

Hooks at the Ready! Of course the next step after winding the warp is actually dressing the loom.  I like to warp back to front, but that is purely a matter of personal preference.  The steps I use are:  1) beaming on, 2) threading heddles, 3) sleying the reed, and 4) tying onto the front apron rod. Even though only one of these steps is actually called sleying, Mr. Mouse and I tend to refer to the whole process as "sleying the dragon" because it can feel like a gargantuan task that only the most daring of fiber arts heroes dare attempt. In an attempt to be honest, I'm going to describe all of the mistakes I made.  Hopefully this...

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The Sloppy Math

A Little Estimation, A Little Rounding Yesterday I mentioned a lot of sloppy math.  I've decided to write it out for you here, since, while I am not afraid of math, I believe that there are too many fiber artists who are.  Really the overwhelming majority of math needed is not any more advanced than basic arithmetic and proportions.  I firmly believe that anyone can do it! Let's go through my warp math step by step.  First I think about how  long I want my scarf to be.  I decided 6 feet, or 72 inches, since I'm pretty sure I won't want it longer than that.  Shorter can be arranged with scissors after the fact ;) Then I cavalierly decide...

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An Idea is Born

Because Following a Pattern Would Be Too Easy A lot of people like to talk to artists about their "inspiration".  I do consider myself a fiber artist, but I hardly ever know how to answer the inspiration question.  I rarely find myself staring at a cool building and imagining the architecture as knitting, nor do I go to a plant nursery and come back with a beautiful new color palette in mind. What usually happens for me is that I go cruising Ravelry looking for something (or nothing...), and I come out the other side wishing everything I saw were just a little bit different. I thought it would be fun to detail a design from start to finish, from...

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