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When Mr. Mouse had a warped perspective.

Mr. Mouse here... Lets talk about tartan pattern setts (the repeated pattern). In tartan weaving notation these are represented by a letter and number combination to describe the order that both the warp and weft yarns will be woven. Generally the notation will indicate the order of a 'half sett'. At the beginning and end of the half comes the pivot, where the end groups are shared between the current half and a mirrored half. So when you make it to the end of the notation row, you start reading it backwards to complete the full sett. Be careful not to count the last groups twice as, again, these are shared between the halves and eventually another sett. That all sounds a...

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When Mr. Mouse thought it was a good idea to weave a kilt.

Mr. Mouse here... So I was asked to attend be a groomsman in a fancy dress party friends wedding. Now, when I say fancy dress, I mean it in the most literal sense of the word. We shall all be wearing kilts.  Little did I know going into this just how much it costs to rent or buy a kilt. Traditional kilts in your family's tartan can be purchased from a few different sources in Scotland. Most of these companies must weave a minimum quantity of your family tartan before creating you a bespoke kilt. This becomes expensive quickly when you only want one item made. On top of that my family does not have a tartan because we are from...

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