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Kollage Interchangeable Needles

It's Hip to be Square First up for our grand review of interchangeable knitting needles is Kollage.  While the fixed-length circulars come in both square and round tips, the interchangeables are available only in square.  The square tips can be easier to use for people with arthritis or other hand pain.  Some people also find that square needles improve the regularity of their stitches. The complete kit comes in a sturdy, canvas case.  There is an outer, zippered pocket.  This would be the perfect place to keep a needle gauge, stitch markers, or other small notions. Inside the case there are two zippered pouches and two sets of elastic bands.  One set of elastic bands is full of the square needle...

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Why We Love Interchangeable Needles

Let Us Count the Ways The right size (and length!) needle is always at hand.  There's nothing more frustrating than being ready to cast on, only to discover that your needle collection is missing the size you need.  Or, even worse, that you have the exact right needle, but there's a project on it already.  With an interchangeable set, you can "park" your stitches on a spare cable and use those tips right now!  You also no longer have to wonder if you have 7's in 24" AND 32". Use two different size tips on one cable.  Some people purl more loosely than they knit, and that can be remedied by wrapping a smaller needle on the purl rows.  Interchangeables...

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