Online ONline Summer Sockstravaganza Pattern Recommendations - Rounds 5 and 6

I want to start out by apologizing.  The past two weeks have flown by at such an alarming pace that I did not even think about blog posts until today.  If you were on tenterhooks waiting, please know that you can always drop us a line via email or social media.

So, a double bonus pattern recommendation day is in order!

Let's mix it up and do crochet first:

Both designs are by the same talented designer.  She does a lot of crochet socks, and it seems like she's interested in exploring different constructions, which is always super fun for self-patterning yarns.

The first is called Domino Sock, which is a nod to its modular construction.  Working multiple squares in sequence, attaching them as you go without seaming, is sometimes called domino crochet (or knitting, if you're knitting).  Of course this has the effect of causing colors to pool in interesting ways!


The second features my all-time favorite crochet motif - pineapples - in the Pineapple Tube Sock!  The pineapples aren't as crystal clear in self-patterning yarn, but the lacy effect is still quite lovely.


And for knitting, this week we'll explore slipped stitches.  These elongated stitches carry ticks of color from one block to the next, adding interest.

The first one, Twizzler Socks, is possibly the most basic slipped stitch possible with simple columns of slips.  Still, it's a great look, and it would be a quick, fun knit.


The second, Löwenzahn (means Dandelion in German), uses slipped stitches in an unusual configuration to make flowers.  While most projects use a contrast yarn for the flower rows, if you look through the projects on Ravelry there are some that use striping and variegated yarns that look quite nice.

We'll catch up on shawl patterns tomorrow.  Thanks for being patient!

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