Online ONline Summer Sockstravaganza Pattern Recommendations - Round 2

Heading in New Directions

This is the second in a series of posts recommending patterns for self-striping sock yarns.  We are saying goodbye to ONline sock yarns in the Online ONline Summer Sock-Stravaganza.  Join us!

Just like last week, we'll be focusing on patterns that take the self-patterning aspect of the yarn and use it in unexpected ways.  When you change the direction of your work, you change how the yarn reacts, and that can be really fun!

The knitting pattern for this week is Skew, another hit from many years ago.  It first appeared on Knitty, and has since been translated into many languages.  If you have trouble with the fit on standard socks, I highly recommend that you take a look at the designer's blog for tips on how to make Skew fit you properly.

These socks are a lot of fun to make, and the swirl on the heel is a real thing of beauty.

For crochet, I was thrilled to find the Ripple Tube Sock that is worked entirely sideways!  I love how the zigzags really highlight the color changes in the yarn.

I took another screenshot of some of the projects since there was only one photo on the pattern page.

I hope those inspire you!  We'll be back next week with more recommendations :)

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