Have Shawl Will Travel Pattern Recommendations - Round 7

For this round of pattern recommendations, we're looking at things that are worked in the round.

Diving right in to the knit pattern, this week we picked the Mésange Noire Pi Shawl.  Pi shawls are absolutely the best for travel knitting.  There are no tedious wrong side rows, and the circular shape quickly forms a handy bag to toss your ball of yarn into.  Paired with a simple, textural lace, this shawl would be stunning in a variegated colorway.


For crochet, we like the Wiston shawl, made from a multitude of hexagonal motifs.  Motif work is perfect for taking along since it stays small, and after a few you more or less know what you're doing, even without the pattern in hand.  The strong shape of the motif would not be muddied too much by a busy yarn.  Do be aware that this pattern is written using UK crochet terminology.

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