Have Shawl Will Travel Pattern Recommendations - Round 3

A Little Bit Lacier Now

This is the first in a series of posts recommending patterns for variegated lace yarn.  We are saying goodbye to Findley Dappled in Have Shawl Will Travel.  Join us!

Today we're going to explore lacier designs that are bold enough to still be visible through variegated yarn.  When searching for a lace pattern that will cooperate, look for all over designs without a lot of variation so there isn't a lot of detail to be lost.  Crochet can be a little more forgiving because it's possible to get larger holes, creating more negative space, which in turn helps the eye differentiate between positive and negative regardless of what's going on with the color.

For knitters, today's pattern is one I hope you'll like very much.  The Venation shawl is one of those brilliant designs with lots of choices, so yours won't look just like your friends'.  There are two shapes to choose from - triangle and squared-off crescent - and two stitches to choose from - all-over lace or solid body with lacy border.  The designer also included suggestions for working this shawl at any gauge, which makes the possibilities virtually limitless!

For crochet, here's a shawl that is worked all in motifs, Black Swan, which makes it perfect for carrying around through the hot summer.  You'll never have more than a small square hanging from your hands!  The thick flowers contrasted with the lacy edges will show clearly even in busy yarn.  There are some gorgeous multi-colored examples in the projects on Ravelry.

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