Have Shawl Will Travel Pattern Recommendations - Round 1


This is the first in a series of posts recommending patterns for variegated lace yarn.  We are saying goodbye to Findley Dappled in Have Shawl Will Travel.  Join us!

One thing that variegated lace yarn is pretty good at is obscuring lace.  Your eye is drawn to all the fun colors, and pretty soon you can't process the interesting shapes.  A great way to combat that effect is to simply make a shawl with an interesting texture.  The color has a much more difficult time overwhelming a strong texture.

On the knitting side, how about an oldie but a goodie - Citron?  The stitches couldn't be simpler since most of the shawl is stockinette with a few increase and decrease rows thrown in to form the ruching.

For crochet I've selected the Small Fans Shawl.  I like that you can simply work extra repeats to make the shawl as large or as small as you like.  Also, the swooping lines make a very pretty edging - no extra border necessary!  Do be aware that this pattern is just a chart, so you'll need to be able to read crochet symbols.

For both recommendations, I know that the photography on the main pattern page doesn't show variegated yarn.  However, I encourage you to click through and look at other people's projects for inspiration as to how different types of variegation work out with these patterns.  Isn't Ravelry an amazing resource?!

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