Have Shawl Will Travel Pattern Recommendation - Round 8

I have two gorgeous shawl patterns to recommend for you today!  On the knitting front, another pi shawl.  The Vacation Pi Shawl is designed to be simple enough to knit on the go.  There are even printable pattern pages meant to fit on 4x6 index cards perfect for tossing in your bag!  I just love the different lace patterns in this design.

For crocheters, the Summer Festival shawl is a fun, simple texture on the popular boomerang shape.  Although most of the examples on Ravelry are striped, there are a couple made with variegated yarn, and they are beautiful!  This is the kind of pattern you could work on in bits and pieces since it's so simple.  I'm always surprised how much I get done while waiting in line or riding as a passenger in a car.

Where have you taken your shawl this summer?  We would love to se your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Ravelry :)

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