ChiaoGoo Steel Interchangeable Needles

Let's Twist Again!

Continuing our round-up of interchangeable knitting needle sets, we have ChiaoGoo's stainless steel line - Twist.  Stainless steel needles are highly durable and virtually hypoallergenic.  They are also slick and smooth for excellent glide.  Remember that all the parts and accessories discussed today are fully compatible with the "Spin" set we highlighted last week.

The tips on the Twist needles are comparable to ChiaoGoo's sharper, "Lace" line of fixed-length circulars.  That makes these needles ideal for fine stitch manipulation.  The complete 5" kit comes in the same zippered case as the bamboo, but with a red ribbon.  Just like the Spin set, included accessories are a needle gauge, stitch markers, cable connectors (one small for sizes US 2-8, one large for sizes US 9-15), end stoppers (one set small, one set large), and tightening keys.

Twist Set in Case

Again, similarly to the bamboo set, the steel needles come in the labelled pockets inside in sizes US 2 (2.75mm), US 3 (3.25mm), US 4 (3.5mm), US 5 (3.75mm), US 6 (4mm), US 7 (4.5mm), US 8 (5mm), US 9 (5.5mm), US 10 (6mm), US 10.5 (6.5mm), US 11 (8mm), US 13 (9mm), and US 15 (10mm).

Twist set - case open

The red cables - one small and one large in 14", 22", and 30" - are one of the defining features of this interchangeable set.  The cords are stainless steel coated in red plastic.  This gives the cables a very firm hand, and virtually no memory.  They do not crimp, curl, or kink!  Remember that ChiaoGoo labels its cables by absolute length rather than the size needle they make.  Therefore, with 5" tips, a 14" cable makes a 24" circular needle.  With 4" tips, it would be a 22" needle.

As always, the complete set offers the best cost savings.  Compare thirteen needle tips at $118.50, plus six cables at $36, cable connectors and end stoppers for another $7, and the case at $35.  That's $196.50 without counting the stitch markers, needle gauge, or tightening keys.  The complete 5" set retails for $165.

ChiaoGoo Mini Set

So let's talk accessories and expansion options!  Of course there are 4" tips, which can be used to make a 16" circular, cables in 8", 37", and 50" lengths, and all the Spin needle tips and nylon cables.  Like we mentioned last week, ChiaoGoo offers a great adapter that will let you use your large needle tips with small cables.  

Where Twist really stands apart, though, is in the extra size options.  Like Spin, there are short and long tips in US 2.5 (3mm), US 10.75 (7mm), and US 10.875 (7.5mm), which are just so useful for getting gauge.  Additionally, there are the Mini sizes.  Twist Minis come in US 000 (1.5mm), US 00 (1.75mm), US 0 (2mm), US 1 (2.25mm), and US 1.5 (2.5mm).  The Minis do represent a different cable connection size, meaning that they require their own cords, cable connectors, and end stoppers.  There is an adapter available to put small size tips onto mini size cables.  The Minis are also only made in the 5" length at the moment.  ChiaoGoo is the only one making such tiny interchangeables

If the complete kit we described above isn't right for you, you could start with a set that contains just the small sizes (US 2-8) or just the large sizes (US 9-15).  These sets come in the same case as the complete set, so there's room to put more tips as you collect them.

ChiaoGoo also offers complete and small sets in the 4" tip length.  The cord selection on the 4" kits is slightly different - you get an 8", 14", and 22" cable in the appropriate size(s).

Do you still have questions about ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles?  We're here to answer them!

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