Skein Shop Delivers

Mr. Mouse here...

I wanted to share a couple fun graphs with you concerning our online orders. The first is a simple map just showing where you all are! Every order we have shipped out is represented here with darker states receiving more packages and lighter states receiving less. This data has no weight given to number of individual skeins or cost, just simply the number of packages that have gone out the door. 


I put these data sets together in an effort to greater predict how soon a package will arrive based on the destination. As you can see in the chart below, our shipping is incredibly fast across the board. 95% of shipments arrive in 4 days or less. Going further we can see that more then 75% arrive just three days after ordering, and more then half only take 2 days!

Something very important to keep in mind, is that I have not normalized this data based on our shipping cutoff (2pm weekdays, noon Saturdays)... This means that 50% of orders, even if they come in after the post office has closed, are still being delivered two days later on average. I could have dissected the data further to show the improved rates for orders placed 'at the right times', but this data was impressive enough in my opinion.

Days to deliver


As you can see, I keep a very close eye on our delivery times. I personally look in to each and every order in the 1% category of 6+ days. Most of the time it is a package that takes a slight detour somewhere like Florida on its way to Oregon. Perhaps that yarn just needed a little vacation!? I hear the weather is nice this time of year.

Many of our customers are surprised to hear from us when we contact them about a slow moving shipment before they have even realized it is running behind. I hope that I don't have to contact any of you for that reason, but rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to get your yarn to you as fast as possible.