Shipping Options Update

Making Free Shipping Better

Greetings everyone!  Mr. Mouse here.  My job at Skein Shop is process improvement.  After crunching some numbers and making some minor tweaks to the way we process orders, we're ready to improve our shipping policy even more! Finally, I'm prepared to answer the question of "how does one improve upon free shipping?".


Many of our orders ship as First Class packages.  This means that the Post Office (isn't the United States Post Office great?) aims to have that package delivered within five business days, but there is no guarantee.  We very rarely see packages take more than seven days to be delivered, so this is a pretty good estimate.  For people geographically near Skein Shop headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, this is still the best option (and still free every single day!).

Arguably, however, the best way to send a package through the Post Office is to ship Priority.  With Priority Mail, the Post Office guarantees delivery within one to three business days.  A quick look at this map shows you what delivery times to expect.

Shipping Map

We want to give you control over how fast your package gets to you, so we are now offering FREE Priority shipping with all orders of 500g or more, and we're giving you the option to upgrade to Priority for just $5 on all other orders.


USPS also now receives your packages from us twice a day (morning and afternoon). This means your item gets into the system faster so that it might be sorted and routed to you as efficiently as possible. You can rest assured that no matter when you place your order it will be shipped as quickly as we can manage.


So let's just briefly review what this does and does not change.

  • All orders still ship free.  The $5 Priority upgrade option is just that - optional.
  • All orders placed before 2PM EST weekdays and noon Saturday still ship same day.  Upgrading shipping does not affect what day your package ships.
  • Many orders placed after 2PM still ship same day...  We just can't promise that it will always happen.
  • We won't stop you from paying $5 for priority shipping even if you live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, but trust us when we say that you would be better off spending that $5 on another ball of yarn.
  • To get your package to you even sooner, USPS now receives our packages twice a day!


It's not secret that we have excellent customer service, particularly when it comes to shipping.  Now our already excellent shipping policy is even better!  Just remember - 500 grams or $5 for priority shipping.  We love getting happy emails from you all when your yarn arrives in record time, and we expect with these changes we'll be getting even more of them.