Merengue Knot Bag

Rambunctious and Fun!

Paula King is our latest Independent Designer.  She created this jubilant Merengue Knot Bag.  The amazing, sculptural ruffles are thanks to the magic of felting.  Knit this bag at a large, loose gauge, then toss it in the washing machine and watch it transform!  Felting hides all kinds of faults, so this pattern would be perfect for someone who wanted to try out some new techniques.

Knot Bags

The knot bag closure is so simple and effective.  It's perfect for hanging around your wrist on quick errands or at a party.  Make your colors as loud or as quiet as you like; the possibilities are endless!

Knot Bag with possible contents

Paula decided on Noro À La Mode and Kureopatora for her bags.  Even though the À La Mode isn't 100% wool, her experiments have shown that it felts just fine.  She opted for a complementary solid and striped combo, but imagine two solids, or all stripes, many options!

Knot Bags with cacti

Click here to go to Paula's Ravelry page, where you can buy the Merengue Knot Bag pattern for 25% off through 15 December 2016, or any of her other patterns for 20% off through 24 December 2016.  Then click over here to read our interview with Paula and get to know her better.