Introducing Mr. Fox!

A Friend for All Seasons

Designed by Connie Mitchell, Mr. Fox is a super fun stuffed toy!  He is knit in the round with minimal seaming.  Connie has really used the shaping potential of knitting well, while keeping the construction very straightforward.  Fewer seams mean fewer points of failure when the toy gets loved on hard (and fewer opportunities to sew the arms on crooked).

Mr. Fox Going for a Walk

When Mr. Fox showed up at the Skein Shop offices for his photo shoot, David could not stop talking about how adorable he is.  I found Mr. Fox hiding in multiple places that day as David found cuter and cuter spots to pose him in.  So don't think that just because Mr. Fox is a toy that his fans are limited to the population that still writes their age in single digits...

Mr. Fox Hanging Out

Connie chose our Peter Pan DK yarn for this design.  She wanted something sturdy and washable since any favorite toy is going to need the occasional scrub down, and she mentioned several times to me how impressed she was with the softness and quality of this yarn.  It really is perfect for making toys, and it comes in a huge range of colors!   At just $5/skein, you can get all the shades you need without breaking the bank.

Mr. Fox resting by a wall

Click here to go to Connie's Ravelry page and buy the pattern for Mr. Fox directly from her.  Then click over here to read our interview with Connie about her knitting and designing.