Skein Shop Launches!

Welcome to Skein Shop News!

Skein Shop News is where you will find brief updates pertaining to the shop.  We intend to treat this blog as a way to make announcements about incoming yarn, new patterns, and shop specials.  To that end, comments are disabled since we'd hate to accidentally post something critical there and have people miss it.

For project ideas, tutorials, and more, please follow our Skein Shop Community blog.  There comments are not only permitted but encouraged.  Keep your eyes open for contests, giveaways, and lots of great interaction.

Last and probably least important on the blog front is Dashing Mouse Designs.  That is Sasha's personal blog about her fiber arts forays and design process.  Her posts tend to be infrequent and lengthy.  What can we say, once she starts talking, it's hard to get her to stop.