Tour de Fleece 2016 - Drop Me a Spindle

Or:  The Spinning Continues

Well hello, lovelies!  You may or may not remember that a little over a month ago, I rekindled my love of spinning.  Since it turning fluff into yarn was the obsession du jour, it only made sense for me to join a Tour de Fleece team.

What is Tour de Fleece you ask?  It's an event that takes place every year concurrent with the Tour de France.  The bicyclists spin their wheels, we fiber artists spin ours.  I didn't set a specific goal for myself beyond spinning more during the Tour than usual.  Since "usual" was only slightly more than none, this is not a particularly lofty goal, but I believe in setting yourself up for success.*

The first couple days I devoted to spinning on a drop spindle.  It was Fourth of July weekend, and I was out and about with friends and family - not very conducive to sitting at a wheel.

Drop Spindle with Yarn-in-Progress

I filled** two spindles like this, then plied at my wheel.  I like plying on the wheel because I have a jumbo bobbin, so I can make my yarn in one long length instead of breaking it up based on how much I can cram onto a spindle.

Plying on the Joy

Then it needed skeined, washed, and whacked.

Finished grey yarn

Yes it's a little uneven, but overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  I think I'm finally figuring out how to execute a balanced ply!  This yarn has already been knit up into a lacy little cowl, but I think that's a story for another day...


* My favorite ballet teacher used to tell us over and over again to set ourselves up for success.  She pointed out that by slowing down to prep properly for a jump or a turn we were much more likely to execute said step safely, beautifully, and happily.  This is true in many realms other than ballet as well, but I always think of pirouettes when I say it to myself.  Thank you, Miss Mary Anne!

** Yes I know that spindle is not FULL full, but I find that it causes me more frustration than I care for to cross wind and make those cute little potbellied cops.  Let me do my spinning my way; I'll let you do yours however you like.

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