Let's not catch up...


This blog has been silent for far too long.  My apologies.  I am not going to even try to bring you all up to speed on what I've been making and doing, because frankly it's been so long I hardly remember.  Plus there is a serious lack of photos.  Which contributes to the not-remembering (note to self - take more pictures).

So instead let's talk about what I'm working on right now!

I thought I would try to start out the new year by clearing my needles methodically...size by size...

That lasted about one week.

In the "actively knitting and thinking about" pile are:

A pair of pedicure socks that I'm making for a friend's birthday, which was on 4 Jan.  Whoops.  In my defense, I stopped working on them because they looked too large.  They were.  Then they were in time out for being too large.  Enough time has passed that I've forgiven them, because I'm now back at the heel turn.

Pedicure Sock in Progress

A baby sweater.  These are stressful times, and I find that I'm making baby sweaters like some people stress eat.  They're small, they're cute, they're fast, and they reduce my stash.  I have no complaints.  You will notice that this piece I'm showing you is all folded up.  It's inexplicably biased, which I'm hoping will block out.  Until then, let's just enjoy the color and the texture...

Orange Sweater Back

A big lace shawl.  I'm going to be honest, I'm only listing this here because if I were serious about clearing my needles size by size, this would be next on the list.  In actuality it's too much patterning for me right now.  And there are beads and a tiny crochet hook involved.  I know that usually I profess that lace knitting is a form of meditation, a way to find calmness.  Unfortunately that only works if you are, in fact, physically capable of stilling your mind and focusing only on your knitting.  Currently I'm not.  (And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, the shawl is on a totally different colored wood than the first two things!)

Brown Lace Shawl

And the spinning continues apace!

On the Traveller is the orange laceweight you saw during Tour de Fleece.  I think it's possible that I may one day finish making this yarn.

This is where I wanted to put a picture of the orange-in-progress...In fact, last night I kept telling myself to take a picture for Instagram since it's certainly more interesting than what I've been posting the past couple of days.  However, true to myself, I took no picture.  Imagine orange laceweight here that looks exactly the same as the last time you saw orange laceweight.

On the Joy is nothing at the moment, but I can't imagine that will be the case for long.  I've got this crazy idea that I could spin yarn and then knit mittens and that somehow that would be exactly the right thing to do as we move into spring.  Of course, at the rate I'm working anymore, they'll probably be ready right as it starts getting colder again....haha.

There has been no progress on creating a flyer for the antique wheel.  Mr. Mouse has been busy.  I've been busy.  The only person who's enthusiastic about the project at the moment is my father, but he can't help with the making of the new parts, so that will just have to sit a while longer.

A new wheel just arrived yesterday!  I have big plans for this one.  I've been texting my sister about some decorative shenanigans.  You aren't going to want to miss this!

That's all my yarny news.  Let's see if I can stay on the blogging horse this time :)

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