Knitting the Almanac - February Baby Things

Thank Goodness for Leap Years!

This month was a doozy.  So much of a doozy that I did not write update posts (obviously), did not take progress photos (whoops), and (almost) did not finish.  (You'll have to forgive my obsession with parentheses; it's one of the few remnants of my time in academia.)

So let's start by acknowledging that there will be a couple of belated February follow-up posts with details about projects and photos and all that good stuff, ok?  Ok!

EZ casually suggests that one might knit some babies' things in February, then proceeds to pithily describe 1) a double knit baby blanket, 2) a square shawl, 3) a baby cardigan, and 4) a pair of baby "longies" or leggings.  That's a lot of knitting.  That's a lot of planning, yarn arranging, pithy direction decoding, swatching, and, oh yes, knitting.  That does not count the suggested pot-holder/swatch for the double knit blanket, and the described, but not specifically spelled-out bonnet/scarf (which I am DYING to make, but there was just no time).  With so much ground to cover, I suggest that I present you with a handy-dandy, click-bait-esque, satirical list of the projects...that should a) keep you entertained and b) keep me from getting too terribly verbose (if it isn't already too late).

The Official Ranking of EZ's February Projects - You Won't Believe What Comes in First!

  • Fourth Place:  Double Knit Baby Blanket/Floor Pad
    This project highlights an unusual (and nearly useless) technique while producing a plain (read: boring) blanket.  The elegance of the finished product will almost distract you from the pain of creating it...but not quite.
  • Third Place:  Square Shawl
    Question(s):  Why does a baby need a shawl?  What will they do with it?  Is this just a clever ploy to get us to knit another blanket?  (Hint:  Yes, it is.)  Also, how do you wear a square shawl?  Seems most logical to fold it in half diagonally and wear it like a triangle...but then why wouldn't you just knit a triangle in the first place?  This inscrutable project will take up a pound of yarn, most of your knitting time, and all of your patience.  Yield:  One somewhat disappointing square (though to be fair the disappointment was mostly my fault).
  • Second Place:  Longies
    Baby Pants!  So cute!  Bootee feet!  So fun!  Proportions!  So Puzzling!  To be fair, my time around babies is limited, so perhaps the proportions would be less puzzling with a child to stuff into said longies...
    The best baby sweater ever!  Why would anyone ever knit another?  Clever construction, elegant design, dead simple to knit, super fast to complete, and practically seamless!  BRB, got to knit 400 more...Blog will become nothing but pictures of the same sweater over and over again...Sorry not sorry.

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