Knitting the Almanac - June Hat #2

First Dwarves, Now Gnomes

Note:  This article was originally posted on the Skein Shop News feed due to a touch of user error.  My apologies.

Next up is the Ganomy hat, whose name is obviously a play on a literal pronunciation of "gnome".  I've made this hat before, and it is a real winner.  The shaping is elegant, functional, and warm.  I think it results in a totally adorable hat, but I've found that the other adults around me tend to find the shape rather childish.  Their loss.

So I set out to use up some stash.  Can you see where this is going already?  Of course I chose a discontinued yarn.  Of course I ran short.  The good news is that I had a half-knit hat that had been thrown to the back of the closet for bad behavior in a yarn that looks great with the Ganomy.  I gladly unravelled that awful hat and used the yarn to finish up the top, thus making both of the projects so far for this month oddly topped with contrast yarn.

Oh well, such is life when you're trying to use up bits and bobs.  Had I been thinking, I would have striped the whole thing to make it look more purposeful, but I don't think it's bad as-is.

Next time I try to get clever and out-smart the running-short-of-yarn demons.  Will I be victorious?  It's anyone's guess!

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