Knitting the Almanac - June Hat #1

Diggy Diggy Hole


This hat is genius.  It is quick, simple, and, to quote Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.  The thick yarn knits up quickly and will be warm in the winter, the shaping at the back of the neck curves the earflaps down elegantly, and the tassel adds a bit of whimsy.  The only possible modification I would make on future versions would be to put a buttonhole in the corner of one earflap so they could be buttoned securely under the chin.

However, true to form I ran short of yarn.  I was testing a skein of Kraemer Perfection Super Bulky, and there was just not quite enough.  If I had made the neck flap a bit shorter or decreased a bit more rapidly, I think I may have been able to squeeze it out of one skein.  Rather than cracking open a whole new ball, I decided to supplement with something from the stash.  This mystery red was given to me years ago by a coworker, and I think it sets the hat off nicely.

Yes, the first hat is the Maltese Fisherman's hat, but it looks so much like a dwarf helmet that I couldn't get this song out of my head the whole time I was working on it.

A quick, low-drama post about a quick, low-drama hat.  June has two hats left to go, so stay tuned!

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