New Wheel Incoming!

A Wild Spinning Wheel Appears

So I got an unexpected text last night.  It was a picture from my sister saying, "Look what my husband brought home for you."  Here's the photo.


Why hello, beautiful.  The story goes that my brother-in-law works at a place that is currently cleaning out a lot of old things in anticipation of a major renovation.  This poor wheel was headed for the dumpster, so he rescued it for me!  

As you can see, it is missing a few parts and pieces - namely the entire flyer/whorl/bobbin assembly.  However, the string on the treadle makes me hopeful that this is meant to be a functional wheel, and there are signs of hardware on the maidens, which means there's a place for the flyer to sit.  I'm picking it up tonight, and I can't wait to start cleaning and planning!  I'm thinking to collaborate with Mr. Mouse to 3D print the missing bits.  What a cool intersection of old technology and new technology that would be!

So that's two wheels that have come to me unexpectedly via an in-law...I would just like to take this opportunity to officially announce to all the rest of my in-laws that they are falling behind in the garning-favor-via-spinning-wheel-acquisition competition ;)

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