Spinning Wheel Got to Go 'Round

Like many knitters, I have dabbled in spinning.  It is not something I do well or quickly, but it is something that I greatly enjoy.  For me, spinning is 99% about the process, as opposed to knitting where it's more 80% process, 20% product.  I had not used my wheels in over a year because of various life things and other shiny opportunities.  However, when a tiny sample of roving made its way into my mailbox, I knew that I just HAD to spin it up Right. This. Second.

Traveller mid-repair

I busted out my trusty Ashford Traveller for the job.  This wheel came to me courtesy of my mother-in-law.  She was at work one day when someone came in hoping to sell it to raise money for a trip.  She called me to see if I wanted a spinning wheel for only $50, and I asked to speak to the seller on the phone to make sure they knew that the price was way too low.  The seller assured me that $50 was all they wanted, so of course I bought it right then.  It rode down to me in the backseat of my mother-in-law's car, and I was shocked to see that there was virtually nothing wrong with it!  The footman connecting the treadle to the conrod was missing, so I replaced it with a small piece of co-axial cable, and it's been fine for years now.  I definitely recommend this unorthodox fix!  The driveband was also nowhere to be found, which was quickly remedied with a length of kitchen cotton.  Since the Traveller is a double drive wheel, it's my go-to for spinning singles.  I feel like I get more even results and a more relaxing experience with the double drive set up.

Pink Yarn

After just a few short moments, the sample singles were spun.  I wound them off into a butterfly since there wasn't very much, then plied on the Traveller as well.  I usually ply on a different wheel with a larger capacity, but in this case there was no reason to.  I am now the proud owner of four yards of pink yarn...and a reignited interest in spinning.  Stay tuned, because I've been busy at the wheel!

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