Covid, Shipping, and Delays

YES, we are shipping!

Here's how we're keeping you and our staff safe during the pandemic.

  • Our showroom is closed to the public.
  • Only one employee is going to the office to fill orders.
  • All surfaces are being regularly disinfected.
  • No incoming shipments are being received.
  • The in-office employee is taking their temperature daily.
  • The in-office employee washes their hands thoroughly before beginning to pack orders.
  • The in-office employee wears a mask while packing orders and when dropping off at the Post Office
  • The in-office employee is provided with hand sanitizer to clean their hands immediately after dropping packages at the Post Office.

Because of these measures, we plan to continue shipping as long as the Post Office remains open for regular business.  If that changes, we will add an update to this page.

Due to the limited staff on site, we are unable to answer phone calls at this time.  For assistance, please email

Previously:  The employees who are not coming in to the office have been tasked with sewing fabric masks as requested by one of our local hospitals.  If you would like to donate towards this effort, you may add an optional shipping charge to your order.  To be clear, all US orders still ship free!  Please only select a paid shipping option if you wish to donate to the fabric masks we are making.

Currently:  Thank you so much for supporting our mask sewing project!  We were able to donate hundreds of masks to our local hospitals.  The hospitals have indicated that they no longer need this kind of support, so we are working on finding more creative ways to serve our community.

Our regular shipping policy information is available here.  However, please note the following shipping updates.

USPS is experiencing long delays domestically and internationally.

Here's why domestically - USPS is no longer allowed to approve overtime.  That means that if someone calls out sick, their route does not get delivered that day since another carrier would have to work overtime to make that happen.  As you can imagine, this causes long-lasting ripples of backlog.  Also, USPS is experiencing higher than usual mail volume as people shop online to stay home and safe during the pandemic.

We are also noticing a trend for which we have no explanation - We frequently see packages marked as delivered which then show up 24-48 hours later.  If your package is marked delivered and has not yet arrived, please wait two days before contacting us.  If it still hasn't arrived, we will absolutely contact the Post Office for you and figure out what has happened.

Here's why internationally - There are many factors affecting international shipments at this time.  Here is what we've been able to learn over the past several months.

  • USPS does not operate its own airplanes; they put outbound mail on commercial flights.  Because there are so few flights leaving the country, mail is piling up waiting for transport.
  • International Priority Express and International Priority has precedence over International First Class when it comes to getting onto what planes are outbound.
  • USPS does not control which countries allow tracking for international packages - that is determined by agreements between the two countries' governments.
  • If tracking is allowed, the number will start with LB.  If tracking is not allowed, the number will start with UE.
  • In the past, UE labelled packages were being scanned within the United States, so we were able to observe their movement, at least until it left the country.  However, USPS has stopped doing any scans for UE packages.

For all of these reasons, we have made the following changes to our international shipping options.

Canada - You may still choose the $10 option for International First Class shipping.  All packages going to Canada are LB numbers with tracking.  Please be aware that we are regularly seeing transit times of over a month on this level of shipping to Canada.  You also have the option to upgrade to UPS, DHL, or a higher level of USPS International service.

Everywhere Else - We are ceasing to offer International First Class shipping due to extremely long waits and inconsistent tracking options.  The current level of service USPS is offering at this rate does not represent what we wish to offer.  You may choose from UPS, DHL, or a higher level of USPS International service.  If there is a different shipping method you would prefer, please feel free to contact us via email

Due to the limited staff on site, we are unable to answer phone calls at this time.  For assistance, please email