YES, we are shipping!

Here's how we're keeping you and our staff safe during the pandemic.

  • Our showroom is closed to the public.
  • Only one employee is going to the office to fill orders.
  • All surfaces are being regularly disinfected.
  • No incoming shipments are being received.
  • The in-office employee is taking their temperature daily.
  • The in-office employee washes their hands thoroughly before beginning to pack orders.
  • The in-office employee is provided with hand sanitizer to clean their hands immediately after dropping packages at the Post Office.

Because of these measures, we plan to continue shipping as long as the Post Office remains open for regular business.  If that changes, we will add an update to this page.

Due to the limited staff on site, we are unable to answer phone calls at this time.  For assistance, please email

The employees who are not coming in to the office have been tasked with sewing fabric masks as requested by one of our local hospitals.  If you would like to donate towards this effort, you may add an optional shipping charge to your order.  To be clear, all US orders still ship free!  Please only select a paid shipping option if you wish to donate to the fabric masks we are making.

Our regular shipping policy information is available here.

Stay safe through this unprecedented time!